What is an environmental impact statement?

An environmental impact statement (EIS), or EIS, is a document containing an analysis of the anticipated long-term and short-term effects on the natural and human environment from a proposed project, decision, or action. A typical EIS also includes an explanation of why the project or action is needed and what other options or alternatives were considered to meet that need. Most EISes are prepared to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), but some EISes are prepared for other reasons.

The purpose of the EIS process is to inform both the FAA and the public of the impacts of the proposed airport before the decision is made on whether it will be built. An EIS requires the alternatives to the proposed airport site also be analyzed. These alternatives will allow the FAA to look at different options for airport sighting or design to minimize impacts or resource conflicts as much as possible. Additionally, the EIS must analyze a No Action Alternative, which is an alternative which would not construct the airport. The potential outcomes of the EIS process could be the FAA choosing any one of the alternative airport sites analyzed in the EIS, or choosing the No Action Alternative, with the consequence that no airport would be constructed. FAA’s choice will depend on which alternative best meets the project needs while minimizing impacts to both human and natural resources.

NEPA is an open disclosure process that seeks input from all interested parties. Visit our Contact Us page to let us know what you think or to sign up for regular project updates. Find out about upcoming community visits from the FAA team and see what members of the Angoon community have already told us.

Scientific studies are a key component of every EIS. Visit Key Resources We’re Studying to find out more about how Angoon’s resources are being studied. You can also read the scientific studies themselves by visiting Technical and Scientific Studies.

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