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How do you live in Alaska?

In 2017, Alaska had the highest population of residents in the United States with nearly 9.6 million people, according to census data.

Alaska also had the third-highest rate of people living in poverty at 15.7 percent, according the U.S. Census Bureau.

But according to the U, Alaska’s population growth is tied to a dramatic increase in people moving to the state from other parts of the country.

Alaska’s recent economic boom has brought people to Alaska, but not everyone is able to afford the housing they want.

The housing boom has spurred a sharp rise in the number of people moving away from the region, particularly in the last few years.

The Alaska Real Estate Association says the number is up almost 6 percent since 2017, compared to the year before.

The industry is growing faster than other areas of the state, but the numbers are still increasing.

Alaskans are moving from other states because of the housing market, according, and they are finding themselves priced out of many areas of Alaska, including Anchorage, the capital city of the Northwest Territories.

“There’s a lot of people who want to move out of Anchorage because they can’t afford it,” said Mike Sauer, president of the Alaska Real Property Association.

“They’re not sure what’s going to happen in their own town.”

Sauer says he sees people in Anchorage moving out to Alaska because of a lack of affordable housing.

But he says that’s not all the issue.

He says Alaska is also seeing a lot more of those coming out of the city of Anchorage and others because they’re not happy with the city’s living standards, and it’s a trend that’s likely to continue in the future.

You’re seeing it as people are looking to live elsewhere. “

It’s not just the cost of living.

You’re seeing it as people are looking to live elsewhere.

They want a better lifestyle.”

The boom has also created a number of problems for people trying to live in Anchorage.

The city has a long history of poverty, which is reflected in the fact that Alaska has the second highest poverty rate in the nation.

People with low incomes often have difficulty finding housing and can be turned away at the doors of many businesses.

The shortage of affordable rental housing is a problem for many, as is the influx of new foreign workers.

The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce has said that the number one concern is that of foreign nationals who might be looking to move into Alaska.

In January, the Alaska Chamber of Business held a forum for interested members to hear from the leaders of the region’s largest employers, the American International Group, the Alaskan National Guard and other businesses.

The Chamber of the West was also present.

“Our region is really struggling, and we need all of our businesses to work together and come together to address this,” said Alaska Chamber President Craig Johnson.