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When alaska Airlines finally flies to New York

Alaska Airlines is looking to get into the New York City market after flying from Anchorage, Alaska to New Orleans on a single day in 2019.

The carrier has signed up for an all-expenses-paid, multi-city flight from New Orleans to New Albany, New York, for a total of $1,944 per person.

The first-ever Alaska flight to NYC will be on November 15.

Alaska Airlines says the flight is expected to cost $1.50 per passenger, which is below the typical NYC fare of $2.50.

The airline will also fly first class, economy and business class passengers on the first-class and business level, and cabin crew members and service staff.

The New York-New Albany flight is scheduled for November 30.

Alaska says the airline has received $2 million in funding from the New Jersey Department of Transportation to expand the New Albany airport.

Alaska CEO Jeff Jensen said in a statement that “the New Albany hub will serve as a vital hub for regional flights to and from New York.”

He added that the New Alaskan hub is expected be open by January 2019, when the airline hopes to open more destinations.

Alaska also says it will expand its service to New Jersey by 2019.