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Why is it a crime to have a dog?

A dog has no right to be a “pet,” and a judge is considering whether it’s OK to let it live with a human.

The ruling could be appealed by a dog owner who is challenging a provincial ban on owning dogs in a province where more than two million people live with dogs.

Under a new law, a person is only allowed to own a dog when they are at least 18 years old and the owner is registered with the province.

That means the dog can only live with an owner who has the same registration as the dog.

It’s the latest challenge to a ban that went into effect in July.

In May, a judge ruled the ban violates the rights of people to own animals and to live with them.

The province said it will appeal the decision.

The Alberta Federation of Agriculture, the province’s animal protection watchdog, said the ban on dog ownership is aimed at protecting people from the potential risks of living with dogs, such as dog bites and accidental collisions.

The group said it supports the ban, but the challenge is important because it will be up to the courts to decide what constitutes a dog and whether it should be considered a pet.

It said a ban on dogs would violate the rights and freedoms of people, including the right to own and control pets.

“A ban on breeding dogs is inconsistent with the principles of personal liberty, due process, and equality,” the group said in a statement.

The decision comes as the province looks to introduce a “Dog Friendly” law that would ban the possession of dogs and allow owners to keep their dogs if they are registered with a shelter or dog shelter.

It is the first time the province has banned dogs, and the legislation is expected to go to the legislature in early June.