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How to save a license plate from an Alaskan earthquake

As the world watched the Alaskans epic earthquake of March 16, the plates of cars were replaced with one of the same plates that were seen in the disaster.

It wasn’t clear why, but a plate from the state of Alaska that has a picture of a plane, a sign that reads “Alaska, USA” and a map of Alaska were replaced, along with a picture and message that read, “No One Can Go Home Alone.”

“We are still in shock,” the plate reads.

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In a statement to NBC News, Alaska’s Secretary of State, Matt Mead, said that “the State of Alaska has replaced the plates with the same one as they were in the Alakaus earthquake.”

The plates have been on sale at a range of retailers for $10 each.

“The plates are still on sale in many local retailers,” Mead said.

The plates were also part of the State of Washington’s “Noone Can Go Back Alone” campaign, which has been running since March 8.

It has encouraged citizens to post photos of their loved ones in an effort to help with the costs of evacuating people in the state.

“We all have the same number: We are all Americans and we all need to be together,” the campaign reads.

“People are looking for ways to get a sense of how they can support each other and how they will get through this,” the State Department spokesperson said.

“I’m grateful that they’re looking at this in a different way than what they’re used to.”