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How to help save a fishing boat after an Alaska plane crash

A fisherman who was on board a fishing vessel in Alaska last month says he was unable to escape when it crashed.

The accident happened about 6:30 p.m.

ET Sept. 21 near the town of Anchorage, Alaska.

“I couldn’t get out,” said Jeff Anderson, who works for the Anchorage-based Fishing Patrols Unlimited company.

Anderson says he could see smoke coming from the aft of the vessel, which was fishing in the same spot at the time.

“It looked like a huge fireball coming off of the tail of the boat, and the water was going right up in the sky,” he said.

“It was really hard to see.”

Anderson says the boat’s pilot, Dave Gros, was able to escape through the hatch in the rear of the craft.

“He was trying to get out through the hole and he was getting stuck and trying to open the hatch,” Anderson said.

The boat’s propeller was caught in the hull and had to be towed to shore, Anderson said, but the crew of three men, including Gros and a young boy, were not hurt.

A local salvage company called a tow truck and was able by Friday to pull the boat from the lake where it had sunk.

Anderson said he and other fishing boats have been pulled from the waters after crashes and crashes before.

“We have some pretty good experience in this area,” he told CBC News.

“But this is the first time in a while we’ve been able to recover a boat.”

A spokeswoman for the Alaska State Troopers says investigators have determined the cause of the crash is under investigation.