Angoon Airport EIS Article ‘Biggest’ shark sighting ever captured on camera, says ‘Bridget’

‘Biggest’ shark sighting ever captured on camera, says ‘Bridget’

A large shark caught on camera at the beach in Idaho was a “mega” predator, the head of a conservation group said.

Brent Tisdale said he was there when a massive shark swam toward the beach and was forced to turn his camera away because he didn’t want to take pictures of the monster.

Tisdales said the massive shark was more than 1,000 pounds and had a “huge girth.”

Tisdals team members said they found the shark Saturday when they were out in the area, near the entrance to the Black Hole in B.C., about 20 miles south of Anchorage.

He said it was the biggest shark ever captured in the state.

The shark was seen swimming close to shore, and a witness said the shark’s jaws were “clamped down.”

“It was very heavy,” said Tisdaled.

“You could see it was a massive monster.

I’m not sure how big the creature was, but it was definitely big.”

He said the animal was spotted at least five times before being shot.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a video of the shark, showing it struggling to make its way to the shore.

“The great white was a big monster,” Tisdali said.

“It’s really hard to describe it.

It’s not a shark.

It was a huge shark.

A huge monster, that’s what you get when you have that big a creature that can take off and swim and swim.”