Angoon Airport EIS Article How to get a new helicopter for $100,000: Craigslist

How to get a new helicopter for $100,000: Craigslist

Alaska helicopter crash: An eagle helicopter crashed into a barrow cabin on Alaska’s northern coast, killing two people and injuring several others, according to local authorities.

The accident occurred in Eagle Bay on Sunday morning, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said in a statement.

The eagle helicopter was flying over the cabin, which was located about 20 minutes away from the airport, when it hit a tree and crashed into the cabin.

The pilot and the pilot’s passenger, who was in the helicopter, died from their injuries.

“The pilot and his passenger, both Eagle Bay residents, were both killed in the accident,” the department said in the statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends and colleagues,” the statement said.

An Eagle Bay police officer and a helicopter pilot were in the cabin at the time of the crash.

The department also said that the eagle helicopter had an outstanding insurance policy that expired in 2018.