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What you need to know about the pipeline that’s about to blow up in Alaska

Sitka County Executive Mike O’Brien said he expects the proposed pipeline, the Alaska Pipeline, to be built by 2021.

“I believe that we’re going to be able to get the pipeline built, it’s going to happen, it’ll be done,” O’Briens spokesman Matt Miller said Friday.

O’Brian said the pipeline would be built in Sitka by a consortium led by the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission and would cost $6 billion.

The project would also use the same technology that the company uses to extract oil and gas in Alaska.

Olamar Pipeline will run through Sitka and run through the towns of Yupik, Eagle, Chippewa and Sitka to the Port of Bristol.

OAMB is the fourth of three proposed oil and natural gas pipelines that Olamars project would run through Alaska.

The pipeline’s final destination would be Alaska’s Bering Strait, but Olamos pipeline would have to pass through Alaska before it reaches the Atlantic Ocean.

Oahu Governor Eddie Garcia has said that the pipeline will not impact the state’s waters.

Orem, the second proposed pipeline proposed by Olamarcorp, is also set to be completed in 2021.

The company also plans to build a new terminal in the western state of Utah.

The final decision on OlamARCorp’s plans will be made by the state of Nevada.

“Nevada is a leader in oil and coal, and we’re very proud of that,” Miller said.