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How to make your own Alaska winter brew

JUNEau, Alaska—If you’ve ever spent the day at the Alaskan Ale Trail, you know it’s pretty cold, with the wind chucking snow all around you.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to make yourself a delicious brew, this article will help. 

A recipe for a delicious, cold brew is one of the things I really love about Alaska, but if you’ve been out of the woods a bit longer than you should have been, it’s probably a little more difficult than making a batch of a brew that’s more suited for a winter’s day.

The recipe for Alaskian Ale Trail Brewing Company’s “Wickedly Easy Winter Brew” is simple and very popular.

The recipe calls for an 8.5% ABV, pale ale, and a bit of hops.

It tastes very bitter with an interesting malt character, with a light touch of citrus.

After you finish your brew, you can enjoy a light cold brew, or just have a cold beer to go and grab after a day of driving.

I had mine at the brewery in Alaska’s beautiful town of Jelen, about 20 miles east of the Ale Trail.

For this recipe, I used 4.5 gallons of hops and 1.5 ounces of dry malt extract.

I then added 4 gallons of water, along with a few other ingredients to make the brew.

To prepare your brew: Place your ale in a high-alcohol glass, or bottle, to allow the hops to dry out.

Place the lid on your brew kettle, and add your water and malt extract to the brew kettle.

Bring the kettle to a boil, and reduce the heat to a low simmer for about 5 minutes.

When the brew has reduced, remove the lid and pour the contents of your brew into the beer.

Stir vigorously for a minute or two, to get the malt to settle.

Once the brew is ready, add a splash of cold water to the top of your glass, and pour into a mug. Enjoy!