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How to spot an earthquake today in Alaska

An earthquake can strike any place, but the worst hit in Alaska is a large oil and gas rig that sits on top of an oilfield.

The rig has suffered more than $30 billion in damage.

The quake happened on Sunday afternoon, and it was felt across Alaska.

“We were in the oil field, and we heard the shaking and then the sound of it and it just started going down,” said Alisha Clements, a resident of Port Coonawaga, Alaska.

The tremors were felt for miles, and the oil and mining company that operates the rig is asking residents to stay away from the site.

Alaskans are asking the federal government to help pay for repairs.

“I can’t believe we have to ask for assistance for this, but we need to make sure we do that for the people that live in our community,” said Clements.

“This is something that is very close to our hearts.”

“The oil company is paying for the damage, the insurance, all the costs of moving the company, and they’ve said they want to work with us, and so far, we haven’t heard anything,” said Joe Bauckham, a local resident.

The oil and natural gas company that owns the rig has paid for the repairs, and that means Alaskan residents who live near the site have to pay more to repair the damage.

The USGS says the damage is more than three times the $3 million it estimated was lost when the rig ruptured.