Angoon Airport EIS Our Works Gold Rush Alaskans get extra security as the outbreak continues

Gold Rush Alaskans get extra security as the outbreak continues

An outbreak of Ebola in Alaska has been linked to a local airport quarantine.

The Alaska Department of Health said Thursday that there were four confirmed cases at Anchorage International Airport, and that three more had been confirmed in the area.

It said they were all travelers from other countries.

Agency spokeswoman Sarah Haggstrom said a quarantine order was issued at 10:00 p.m.


The Anchorage airport, which is located in the far northernmost part of Alaska, is a hub for airlines that fly from the United States to the other states in the Pacific Ocean.

It was not immediately clear if the travelers were traveling from West Africa.

Alaska has seen a spike in travel in recent days after the state had no new confirmed cases in three weeks.

Alaskans with confirmed Ebola cases at the airport have been isolated in quarantine rooms.

The outbreak has been spread through the mail and through contact with an infected person.

Health officials have not identified the person who may have contracted the virus.

There were no confirmed cases Friday at the Anchorage International airport, and a spokeswoman said they had received five additional cases of the virus at the same location.

No new cases have been reported at any other airports in the state, and health officials have said the outbreak was isolated at the facility.

The CDC is coordinating the response to the outbreak in Alaska.

Al Jazeera and wire services