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Alaska cruise 2020: How cruise ships are making history in the Northwest

A new cruise ship, the Alaska Princess, is set to sail through the Northwest this year, as a part of the first cruise ship ever to visit the Arctic Circle.

The ship, which will make its debut in the U.S. in 2020, will feature an array of amenities and services that will help guests discover the wonders of the Northwest.

It will also include a guided Arctic experience, the first of its kind, according to Alaska’s governor.

The Princess will be the first vessel to visit Arctic waters for nearly a century, and it will be one of the last of its class to do so, said Gov.

Bill Walker.

Walker said the Princess, which is expected to dock at Alaska’s Port of Anchorage in late 2019, is expected bring in more than $30 million in revenue for Alaska.

It will also serve as a showcase for Alaska’s tourism industry, which has grown in the last 10 years, according the governor.

Walker says this is the first time that a cruise ship will be built on the northern seaboard of the United States.

He says the Princess will provide the Northwest with “the biggest showcase of the Arctic for generations to come.”

The Princess will sail through Arctic waters from Dec. 1 to March 20, 2020.

The vessel will travel from Port of Vancouver to Port of Churchill, Canada, and from Churchill to Vancouver.

The ship is expected travel at least 1,500 miles, or 7,000 kilometers, from port to port.

In addition to being the first commercial ship to visit Alaska’s Arctic, the Princess is expected draw in some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic travelers from the Northwest, said Walker.

It is the largest commercial cruise ship in the world, according Alaska’s Gov.

Bill Walker.

The cruise ship is being built by the British Royal Navy and is expected cost more than half a billion dollars, Walker said.

The Prince of Wales also visited Alaska in 2016, when the ship arrived at Port Churchill.

The Royal Navy has been making regular visits to Alaska, Walker says.

Walker has also asked the Alaska National Guard to help with construction of the Princess.

The Guard will provide support from the Alaska Coast Guard, which oversees the state’s coast.

Walker announced in January that Alaska was planning to build a new ship to replace the Princess as the nation’s first ship to cross the North Pole.

It was originally planned to be built in 2021.