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Alaskan Shepherd, Alaska, Gets ‘The Alaskans Trip’ Trailer

The Alaskas Trip is a documentary that follows an Alaska shepherd as he travels around the state during the fall and winter seasons.

The film, directed by the filmmaker and actor Tim Minchin, follows the shepherd through his life in Alaska.

The shepherd travels to the Great Salt Lake and his hometown of Fairbanks to learn more about the local people.

He also visits the Alaskahouse, where he enjoys a cup of coffee and some ice cream.

The Als Trip is an all-access pass for fans of the film and the Als family.

It will allow fans to purchase the film, watch all three episodes, watch the trailer and more.

Fans can also watch the film on VOD.

The documentary will be available for $5 on Vimeo.

The film has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary.