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Alaskan colleges in the spotlight

Alaskans are facing an epidemic of coronaviruses as they continue to battle the virus.

Alaska is the latest state to experience an outbreak of coronovirus, which began in March and has spread to at least five other states and the District of Columbia.

The Alaskas coronaviral pandemic is a global crisis that has caused a spike in deaths and illnesses and has resulted in billions of dollars in damage to health care facilities, hospitals, homes and businesses.

The outbreak has resulted from a series of high-profile cases.

The most recent case occurred on April 29 in Anchorage, when a man who lived in Anchorage died after he contracted the virus while working as a security guard at the state’s Capital City Hospital.

Another person who died in Anchorage on April 30 was a man from Anchorage who worked at a construction company.

The state health department has said the cases are linked to the state of Alaska’s Capital District.

Alaskans were told not to leave their homes for several days and that they were not allowed to bring their pets into the home or bring any other items into their homes, according to

The Health Department says the people who have tested positive for coronavides were exposed to the virus from other people, and the state health director says the health department is still investigating the cases.

Alkans have the third highest rate of coronavia infection in the United States, according a report by the University of Minnesota.

The report noted that more than 80 percent of people who contracted the coronavisions had no known exposure to the disease before they developed it.

Alcohol consumption and lack of exercise are the top causes of death for coronvirus sufferers, according the report.

The coronavide epidemic has forced some of Alaska State University’s biggest employers to suspend operations, and some businesses have shut down.

Al Jazeera and The Associated Press contributed to this report.