Angoon Airport EIS Article Alaska’s medical care costs are going up again

Alaska’s medical care costs are going up again

A lot of Alaska’s residents don’t know the extent of the health crisis facing the state because its health system is so old and decrepit.

And now the state’s new medical care system is coming under fire for not being able to provide the care that needs to be provided.

The cost of caring for the elderly, the disabled and people with chronic conditions has gone up again, and some in the health care industry say they’re struggling to make ends meet.

Alaska Health and Human Services has been in charge of the state health care system since 2000.

It has the largest population in the country.

Alaskans can’t get coverage because they don’t have health insurance.

It’s a big problem because they’re sick, and the elderly don’t want to have to pay more for health care than they need.

Alas, the health insurance system has a long way to go to provide enough care for Alaska residents.

We asked experts to explain why Alaska is having problems.

This is an updated version of a story originally published Sept. 15, 2017.

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