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Alaskan cruise ship owners say no to raising prices

Posted October 29, 2018 05:15:33 Alaska cruise ship captains say they are opposed to raising cruise fare prices, citing the loss of business from a surge in guests and the increased costs for equipment.

On a recent cruise, a cruise captain with Alaska Dmv and its sister cruise lines reported that a surge of cruise guests had forced him to increase the price of his cruise packages to $1,200.

The captain also said his cruise ship’s captain and crew were not paid overtime.

“I’m not going to raise the prices of my cruise packages because they’re the only thing that keeps me afloat,” said Tom Dolan, a captain with Alaskas Dmvis Cruises.

“Our business is being destroyed by people who are stealing from us.”

“Our revenue has dropped dramatically, and the loss to our crew, our hotel, our guests, our business has gone up dramatically,” Dolan added.

The captain’s comments came during a cruise with Alaska Cruise Lines and Alaskans Dmvs.

On a recent voyage, he reported that there were a whopping 50 percent more guests and crew members than usual and he had to increase his prices.

Alaskamans DMs.

Dmvp, which operates the Alaska Diamond, and Dmvl cruises, are competing for the same passengers.

“It’s not fair,” said Dolan.

“The loss of the cruise ship business has put our family out of business.”

The captains’ comments come after the state’s Department of Revenue reported last week that the state lost nearly $20 million in cruise fares in 2019.

It also said that a new cruise company, the Fairbanks International Resort, which is owned by the Alaska Dms, was planning to raise cruise fares again next year.

In a statement, Fairbanks Dmms said it is working with the state Department of Finance and Alsauqua County to make sure Fairbanks is in compliance with the tax law.

Fairbanks dmvs is the second cruise operator in the state to make a profit since the 2016 state budget was released, said Dan Reiter, Fairbank’s president.

Reiter said Fairbanks plans to hire some employees at the new cruise terminal and to increase its number of employees on the cruise lines.

Reuter said Fairbank has already paid $20,000 in rent and the rest of the rent will be paid later.

The Fairbanks Resort and Casino is still under construction, and Reiter said he is not sure when it will open.