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How Alaska’s new medical marijuana law might affect you

Alaska’s marijuana laws are coming to a state near you, and they might make it harder for you to get the medicine you need.

The new rules in Alaska could force a number of small medical marijuana dispensaries to close, said Alina Jorgensen, executive director of the Alaska chapter of the Marijuana Policy Project.

And it could be harder for businesses to get state and federal licenses to operate in Alaska, she said.

State law allows medical marijuana for people with severe and chronic illnesses.

But the new law allows limited access for people living in other states that are legal to do so.

The law was signed in May and requires the state’s two medical marijuana centers to notify the state when a dispensary wants to open, and that the center must comply with rules that are set by the Alaska Department of Health.

But in July, a lawsuit by the nonprofit Alaska Cannabis Business Alliance said the law was designed to favor state-licensed medical marijuana stores, and was unconstitutional because it did not allow for the cultivation of cannabis in a licensed facility.

The lawsuit is still pending, and is set to go to trial in late August.