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Fairbanks, Alaska: The best places to live in the US

Fairbanks — the home of the world’s biggest salt marshes and a hot spot for oil rigs — has been ranked the fifth most livable city in the country by the U.S. News and World Report.

The ranking came on the heels of Fairbanks being named one of the top 100 most livably-developed cities in the world by Forbes magazine.

The city of 1.5 million people, which sits in Alaska’s northernmost region, is considered to be a city that is more urbanized and affluent than the surrounding cities, but its still very rural.

It’s a city with an extensive range of recreational activities, from hiking trails and mountain biking to mountain biking and skiing.

The city has a large downtown area that is home to many businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues.

There are also a lot of restaurants in the city, including the Grand Domes Restaurant and the Belly Bar.

The restaurant and bar also has a very large and welcoming outdoor patio.

The weather is always sunny and warm, and the temperature is about 68 degrees.

The climate in Fairbanks is relatively mild, with average annual temperatures averaging about 37 degrees.

The average summertime temperature is 78 degrees.

However, the city has some of the most snow-covered areas in the state, which means it’s always winter-proof.

The U.P. has the seventh-highest percentage of residents who live in poverty, and Fairbanks ranks as the sixth-most impoverished city in Alaska.

In addition to the livability rankings, Fairbanks was also voted the fifth-best place in the U-S to live by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The publication ranks cities based on the number of people living in them, with Fairbanks ranked first.

The rankings were compiled by consulting firm Pivotal Research, which also produced a list of the 100 best cities in America.