Angoon Airport EIS Article Why alaska doesn’t have a state flag

Why alaska doesn’t have a state flag

The last time the state flag was red, Alaska had about 3,000 state employees.

Today there are just over 5,000.

Alaskans aren’t even allowed to vote in local elections.

The state’s population is about 1.5 million, so state leaders have been working on a new flag to replace the one that was designed by the state’s past president, John Deere.

Now, some local residents are looking to make changes to the flag.

One thing they’ve decided is that the state should be green.

The Alaska state flag, with the blue and red stripes, was adopted in 1909.

The current flag is a design by Alaskan artist, Jeff Dufresne.

The flag was first used by the State of Alaska in 1909, according to Alaskian state archives.

In the 1970s, a proposal to redesign the flag was revived after Deere died.

That proposal included replacing the blue, red and gold stripes with a more neutral design that was intended to blend in with the landscape.

In 2008, a bipartisan bill to redesign Alaska’s state flag passed the Alaska Legislature, which was controlled by Republican Gov.

Sean Parnell.

The new flag was approved in 2016.

But the new design, called the Alaska Green Flag, is not without controversy.

It was originally intended to replace Deere’s design, which featured a golden eagle and a red, white and blue field, according a state history.

Parnel said he was “very proud” of the new flag.

“I’ve got no intention of removing the eagle or changing the flag at this time,” he said.

Deere designed the flag in 1909 to honor Alaskas Native Alaskana population.

The design has become the state symbol.

The previous flag, designed by Deere, had the blue eagle, white field and the words “Alaska.”

It had the state motto “In God We Trust.”

The current state flag has the words Alaska, “State of Alaska” and the blue state seal, which has a silver eagle.

Pashinyaks Mayor Andy Anderson said he wanted to make sure Alaskians were proud of their state flag.

Anderson, a Democrat, said he didn’t like the current flag because it has a lot of red and yellow stripes.

The blue and yellow are too dark and the red and blue are too bright, he said, adding that he wanted the state to be more neutral.

Anderson also said the design didn’t capture Alaskys unique cultural heritage.

He said it also didn’t reflect the unique landscape of the state.

“The flag has to reflect the way the world is,” he told KTVZ-TV.

“It’s not the Alaska that we are, it’s the Alaska.”

The state has a number of other flags that include blue and green.

In 2012, the Alaska legislature passed a bill that will replace the flag that is currently on display in Anchorage.