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How to spot an unemployment claim: the sleeping lady

A sleeping lady’s claim for unemployment insurance can be very hard to prove, because she may have no one to turn to for help.

But the best way to spot a sleeping lady claiming for unemployment is to visit her employer, and see what they tell you about her case.

It’s a simple process: Go to the website of the person claiming unemployment insurance and click on “Find Employment”.

Find the information you need and click “Submit Claim”.

It takes only a few minutes.

The unemployment office may check to see if there’s a record of the claim and it may even ask to check the claim against the unemployment files of other workers.

There’s no need to send the claim to the police, as this can only be done in the case of an emergency.

You can also ask your employer for information about the claim, including whether there’s anything wrong with the claim.

To find out more about what employers say about claims, check out our article on the latest in unemployment.

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