October 2011 Project Update

We have seen a great deal of activity in the previous month! On September 21, FAA Project Manager Leslie Grey and EIS team members Jamie Young and Liz Perry visited Angoon to talk informally with Angoon community members about the airport. We also delivered the September newsletter and discussed concerns and questions with the community. We stopped for lunch at the Angoon enior Center and talked with many of the elders. It is wonderful to hear their long perspectives on life in the community.

It was a stormy day on Angoon, and the seaplanes were unable to fly that afternoon. We ended up staying the night on the Island, and had a chance to visit more with Angoon visitors and residents on our way back the next day.

We have also recently completed and posted the technical reports summarizing the results of our field studies. These reports contain detailed scientific information concerning the resources in and near the different airport location alternatives.

Finally, we have also updated the look and feel of our website, and we added a great deal of new information, pictures, and graphics to nearly every section. We invite you to take a tour, and we welcome your feedback on our new and improved look!

Best regards,

Leslie Grey

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