November 2011 Project Update

These winter months are busy for the Angoon EIS Team, as our writers work on the task of transforming the data we collected and summarized in our technical reports into the chapters of the environmental impact statement. If you have a chance to look through these reports, you will notice that they are written by scientists and specialists with very specific expertise in areas such as aquatic biology, hydrology, wildlife, and noise. It is the job of these scientists to design solid research methods and give us the best available science to work with. Our EIS writers, on the other hand, have the job of “public disclosure,” which is the purpose of the National Environmental Policy Act.

What does this mean to you? It means that right now our NEPA writing team is working to present information in our EIS document about the existing environment of Angoon and the possible effects of the airport project on that environment in an understandable way. For our project, this means that we are developing graphic representations of the environmental impacts of different airport alternatives, and working to describe this in plain language. We will continue this work throughout the winter months and beyond, to meet our goal of releasing the Draft EIS to the public in 2012.

As you know, our most recent visit to the Angoon community was in September. We are not able to trave to Angoon over the winter, but we are committed to keeping in contact with our friends and colleagues in the community. During our last visit, we asked many community members for feedback on the best way to stay connected between visits. We got some great suggestions! For example, we were told that many people use Facebook to keep in touch and share information. In January, we will launch the Angoon Airport EIS Facebook page, where we will post regular status updates. We hope this will make it easy for you to exchange messages with our team and share your input. In addition, we will continue with our e-mail and hard-copy mailings of flyers and newsletters over the winter. As it gets closer to the spring, we will share our 2012 community visit calendar. If you have any questions or ideas to share, please call me at (907) 271-5453 or e-mail me at

We hope you have a wonderful winter season!

Best regards,

Leslie Grey

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