May 2012 Project Update

Community outreach postcards mailed to the Angoon Trading Company

Hello Angoon Community! We hear that there have been some nice spring days in Angoon, but that rainy weather has returned. It is always wonderful to talk with people in the community and hear the local news.

We have been reaching out by phone the past couple of weeks in order to organize a paper mailing to you from the Airport EIS team. Postage-paid community outreach postcards are scheduled to arrive at the Angoon Trading Company the week of May 14. The postcards will be at the cash registers. We hope that you will grab one after you shop, or stop by and just pick one up. Please fill them out with your current contact information and drop it in the mail. We will use the contact information that we receive on these cards to update our project mailing list, and make sure that we are connected to you!

Front of postcard Back of postcard
People on our mailing list will receive the following by e-mail and/or mail:
Also, we've been building our Facebook network of Angoon friends. Please continue to share the Angoon Airport EIS Facebook page with your friends. We will be updating it regularly. We welcome your thoughts and participation on our page!

We look forward to hearing back from you via the postcards, email, or over the phone. If you have any questions regarding our community outreach efforts, or the status of the project, please contact me! As always, if you have any questions or ideas to share, please call me at (907) 271-5453 or e-mail me at Thank you for your interest in the project!

Thank you for your help in keeping us connected to the Angoon Community!

Best regards,

Leslie Grey

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