Key Resources We're Studying

In order to complete an environmental impact statement for the proposed land-based airport in Angoon, we needed to design studies and conduct research on the natural and cultural resources of the proposed project areas. The different airport location alternatives must all be considered, and their existing environmental conditions described in detail. Examples of resources we study are wildlife, vegetation, wetlands, fisheries, archaeology, subsistence, socioeconomics, and land use. In 2009 and 2010, we conducted intensive surveys and on-the-ground research in Angoon.

The technical reports that describe these results are available on this website. We also prepared a video presentation for a non-technical audience that describes our studies and results that you can view. Due to the large size of the video file, it cannot be hosted on this website. For a physical copy of the video, please contact us with a formal request. For a quick look at our investigations, pictures and shorter videos of our research can be reached by clicking the link below.

Click here for pictures and videos of the fieldwork.

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