December 2012 Project Update

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome a new year, I would like to thank you all for your comments, questions, and support as we work on the public draft EIS. We’ve made good progress and are looking forward to continuing this work in the coming year!

To close out this year, we wanted to briefly discuss the concept of a "preferred alternative." The Council on Environmental Quality defines the preferred alternative as "the alternative which the agency believes would fulfill its statutory mission and responsibilities, giving consideration to economic, environmental, technical and other factors" (see answers to Questions 4 and 5 in NEPA’s 40 Most Asked Questions). Designation of a preferred alternative allows the public and agencies to know which alternative the FAA is likely—but not guaranteed—to select for the record of decision. The FAA does not take the identification of a preferred alternative lightly.

We have been asked which alternative the FAA is likely to choose. At this time, the FAA does not intend to identify a preferred alternative in the public draft EIS. Because of the complexities of this project, the FAA intends to solicit feedback from the public and agencies before making this identification. The airport sponsor, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, has identified a proposed action (Airport 3a with Access 2). But the FAA could choose any of the alternatives in the final EIS.

We hope this information is useful to you. And, as always, we enjoy hearing from everyone. If you have any additional thoughts to share, please call me at (907) 271-5453 or e-mail me at Thank you for your interest in the project!

Best regards,

Leslie Grey

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